Ebola Outbreak in parts of West Africa

Kigali- Thursday 31st July 2014. Following the recent outbreak of Ebola in some parts of Western Africa, RwandAir is assuring its passengers that their well-being and safety is and will remain its priority. We are alert and measures have been taken.

Important to note is that Ebola is transmitted through the contact of body fluids of an ill person. During the incubation phase (1-21 days) the person infected with the virus is well enough to travel and cannot pass on the disease or be contagious. When the symptoms still come after the incubation phase, the infected person is too weak to travel and becomes confined to bed.

“Rwandair is working closely with our Ministry of Health, the National Civil Aviation Authority, Migration services and the Countries where we fly to ensure the Ebola does not spread further ” says John Mirenge, CEO of RwandAir. RwandAir has put in place some measures to ensure the safety of our valued customers and staff:

• Frontline staff of RwandAir both on-ground at airports and on-board have and are being continuously educated on the disease, how it is transmitted, how to detect suspected cases and how to keep safe;

• Staff have been sensitized and trained so that they avoid coming into contact with bodily fluids while doing their work;

• Specific surveillance is being carried out regarding all flights from West Africa at Kigali International airport.

• RwandAir is continuously monitoring updates from the Ministry of Health and other international organizations concerning the disease, its spread and recommended safety measures.

• Rwandair will start distributing flyers on Ebola awareness intended for travelers entering the country via Kigali International Airport from the affected parts of Africa. RwandAir will continue to closely monitor the situation and execute recommended procedures with a view to ensure at all times the safety of our passengers and staff.

For more information, please contact the communication team at communications@rwandair.com