Benefits of being an International Air Transport Association member

RwandAir recently achieved the milestone of passing the International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit, which resulted in the acquisition of the IOSA certificate. The airline’s commitment to operate with the highest and international industry safety standards now continues with the pursuing of another certification, the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations, expected to be completed by June 2016. Some of the benefits of being a member of the IATA are listed below.

Providing advocacy on a global, regional and local basis

• RwandAir can contribute its views to shape IATA policies

• The airline can benefit from IATA’s relationship with governments and industry stakeholders who make key decisions in the airline industry

• RwandAir can benefit from the IATA member airline global voice that advocates for economic and social value in the airline transport industry

Targeting key industry priorities

• RwandAir can contribute to upholding airline safety by maintaining its IOSA registration, the number one industry priority

• RwandAir can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of aviation by operating equipment with new and efficient technology

Driving industry change

• RwandAir can use technology to improve customer convenience

Ensuring airline financial sustainability and reducing costs

• RwandAir can benefit from IATA’s initiative of reducing ATC charges, taxation and fuel costs

• The airline can benefit from IATA’s financial settlement systems (ISS), which helps to contain costs, reduce cash flow and maximise efficiency

Increasing Communication

• RwandAir can participate in member conferences that facilitate networking and lead to agreements and codeshares

• The airline can participate in industry committees and work groups that aim to address industry issues

• IATA helps members like RwandAir gain influence with the travel agent community through the IATA Agency Programme

Providing key commercial services and training

• RwandAir can benefit from numerous IATA trainings, products and services at subsidised prices, which helps to develop and strengthen the capabilities of our team