Terms of reference for Manager Trainee Recruitment

Terms of reference for Manager Trainee Recruitment

1. Introduction

The management trainee program is a newly developed program at RwandAir to enroll and attract vibrant young managers/supervisors and outstanding officers in different service delivery sectors to work closely with departmental managers and perform delegated managerial responsibilities with an objective of earning a promotion to manager.

During this process, trainee managers will gain the airline experience and knowledge required to perform managerial duties at RwandAir.

This program will involve working in different departments to allow the trainee to gain experience in various areas of the organization such as:

Staff under the management trainee program must analyze changes in all airline related areas and develop the ability to identify trends and suggest solutions to effectively manage all business-related issues.

2. Job requirements

a) External Candidates

3. How to apply

The deadline for submitting application documents is December 15,2016 pm local time at the front desk of our head office located at Kigali International Airport, Top Floor building