Our Mission is:
"To provide unsurpassed, safe and reliable services in air transportation, including strategically linking Rwanda with the outside world, while ensuring a fair return on investment". "We have a vision to be The airline of obvious choice in the markets we serve”.


Our corporate objectives are:

  1. To provide safe, secure and reliable air transportation services on all our selected routes, thereby linking Rwanda with the rest of the world.
  2. To operate with aircraft and other equipments which are maintained to the highest international standards.
  3. To ensure that our Airline is well integrated in the industry
  4. To serve customers warmly and efficeintly, continously benchmarking with the best-run competitors and globally.
  5. To enhance shareholder value thriugh profitability and capital growth.
  6. To create and maintain a working environment that encourages employees to continously improve their knowledge and exploit their full potential.
  7. To encourage and participate in the promotion of the growth of the tourism in Rwanda.
  8. To facilitate the movement of the people and goods for the promotion of trade and industry fot the well being of Rwanda.


At RwandAir we value;


  • Surpass customer expectations of services by continuously improving and innovating products as well as service delivery.

Safety and Environment:

  • Uphold the highest safety and security standards. To work in a manner that protects the health and well being of the individual, as well the environment.


  • Committed to upholding transparency, honesty, trustworthiness, and general integrity in dealing with all stakeholders.


  • To maintain an inclusive working environment that embraces new ideas, change, respect for the individual and equal opportunity to realize one’s potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • To remain sensitive to the social issues affecting the communities the company operates in.

Profitability and Accountability:

  • We are commited to adding value to the shareholder’s wealth by conducting business profitablity

Individually and collectively to be accountable for behaviours, actions and results.

We began operations on 1st December 2002 as the new national carrier under the name Rwandair Express (passenger Air transportation as the core activity) for Rwanda with a concession to carry out airport ground handling (ancillary activity) at Kigali International Airport, Kanombe. In March 2009, we registered a new trademark “RwandAir” which is our current operating name.

Operating from Kigali as our hub in the heart of Africa, RwandAir is one of the fastest growing airlines and operates one of the youngest and state of the art fleet on the African continent which comprises of two Boeing 737-800NG, two Boeing 737-700NG, two CRJ900NG, two Bombardier Q-400NextGen all in dual class configuration and expecting the delivery of two brand new triple class Airbus A330s in September 2016.

The airline, which is also well reputed for an excellent on time performance, reaches out to seventeen cities in Western, Eastern and Southern Africa and the Middle East.

In May 2015, RwandAir joined the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) as a member airline, only five months after being IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certified. The airline’s commitment to operate with international industry safety standards at the highest level is observed in its current pursue of the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) expected to be completed by June 2016.

"Our values commit us to continuously
pursue excellence in everything we do. We know that
our staff remain our most valuable asset and we
remain focused on creation of a culture of
transparency, integrity and teamwork."