Can I smoke in the aircraft?

All RwandAir flights are Non-smoking flights.
Can I sit by the window?

Seat request must be made to the boarding staff while at check-in, during online booking, through the call center or at our offices while making your booking

Can I use the lavatory in business class section?

When business class passengers are on board the lavatory is used by the business class passengers only.

Can I sit in the business class section?

Since business class is a different class and a different airfare is paid for its ticket, the cabin attendant has no authority to upgrade economy class passengers.

Why can’t I sit together with my family?

You need to make your request at reservation. (At the sales office, via the call center, on the website for online booking or through your travel agent in case you use one.) Requests made at the check-in point are subject to availability of the seats left in the aircraft.
Why are we still waiting for the aircraft to take off?

Due To;