How can I make a reservation?

You can make reservation through RwandAir Sales Offices, authorized Travel agencies, Our Call Center (International calls: +250788177000Local calls: 3030) and via our web site;

What does "class" stand for?

Class represents the reserved capacity groups for the various fares differentiated by minimum stay time at the destination point, time of purchase of the ticket among others, even though there is no difference in the cabin, service, or seat quality in the same cabin.

What are the reasons of class differences?

Even though there is no difference in the cabin or service quality or seat quality in the same cabin, there are class differences caused by minimum stay time at the destination point and time of purchaseof the ticket among others

Why are there available seats for higher fare classes and no available seats for the low fare classes on the flights I prefer? And why is there a difference among some fares?

Even though there is no difference in the service or seat quality for the same cabin, various fares are applied on our flights and are differentiated by minimum stay time at the destination point and the time ofpurchase of the ticket among others. Different capacities may be reserved for the classes of these differentiated fares on our flights considering the statistics. The capacity of a class for any of the fares may be sold out due to excess demand but at the same time there may be available seats in the other classes for various fares.

In other words these fares are subject to seat availability and can only available if they haven’t been booked already.

What is a code-share flight?

A flight operated by another airline for which RwandAir has an agreement to sell seats using the "WB" airline code.

Will I be notified in case my flight is cancelled?

Our relevant departments will contact you via the phone number that you provided during your reservation to advise the cancellation and offer alternative flights if required. You may also be informed by e-mail or through you travel agent.

What time should I arrive at the airport?

For international flights, it is recommended to arrive at airport 3(three) hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. For domestic flights this duration is 2(two) hour.

What’s the latest time to have the boarding pass?

Check-in closes 1hr prior to departure for both international and domestic flights.
What is the purpose of checking the passengers passports and visas?
According to aviation rules; passengers are responsible to get information and valid documents of the country where they travel to. Passport-Visa checks are controlled at the time of check-in and during boarding. The aim of these checks is to prevent passengers from traveling with invalid/faulty visas or passportshence preventing them from deportation and payingsteep penalties.

Do you have control "ID check" for domestic flights?

Yes. Passengers have to carry their identification card, driving license or passport with them.

Can I smoke in the aircraft?

All RwandAir flights are Non-smoking flights.
Can I sit by the window?

Seat request must be made to the boarding staff while at check-in, during online booking, through the call center or at our offices while making your booking

Can I use the lavatory in business class section?

When business class passengers are on board the lavatory is used by the business class passengers only.

Can I sit in the business class section?

Since business class is a different class and a different airfare is paid for its ticket, the cabin attendant has no authority to upgrade economy class passengers.

Why can’t I sit together with my family?

You need to make your request at reservation. (At the sales office, via the call center, on the website for online booking or through your travel agent in case you use one.) Requests made at the check-in point are subject to availability of the seats left in the aircraft.
Why are we still waiting for the aircraft to take off?

Due To;

  • The Late Arrival Of A Connecting Flight
  • Restrictions of Air Traffic
  • A Last Minute Technical Incident
  • Operational Reasons
  • Security Check
  • Baggage Loading
  • Weather Conditions
  • Slow Down
  • Strike

For Passengers who have any pre-existing health problems or any questions related to their health, it’s recommended to consult with a physician prior to the journey.
All necessary or recommended vaccinations during their travel must be completed in appropriate time periods prior to the journey.
Note: These differ with different destinations

Having all mandatory childhood vaccinations and those that are mandatory in some countries fully completed has significant importance in terms of protection against infectious diseases and having a healthy and trouble-free travel.

The health information mentioned above must be obtained from a doctor at least 1 or 2 months before the intended time of travel.
In order to not to experience any health problem during and after the flight, it is recommended to postpone the travel in case of any illness.
Even the ordinary cases such as a cold, which are normally considered as minor infections, may cause health problems during the flight, especially because of the changes in air pressure while landing.

It is recommended that passengers who don’t feel well or are sick to see the doctor prior to their flight and postpone their travel if necessary.
For passengers who experience air sickness, to choose a window seat or a seat over the wing. Seat requests may be made while making reservations.
There is need to consult a doctor whether to take or not take any medicine prior to the flight.
Passengers who are on regular medication must take their medicines with them in their carry-on baggage and keep them in a place which is easy to reach.
This has significant importance for not interrupting the treatment and also in possible emergency situations informing the physicians who will treat the case about passenger’s prior medical condition.
It is recommended to passengers to wear loose and comfortable clothes and shoes which they have been using before and which do not cause any pinching.
This is important in order to prevent any problems of circulation which may occur in case of prolonged immobilization during a flight.